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You want to do your own bookkeeping, but not really sure what to do. Hire us to set up (or clean up) your Quickbooks Online account, and rest assured that it’s optimized to function properly for you. And when we’re done, we will even teach you the critical things you need to know to keep your bookkeeping data clean and useful for your business.


Congratulations, you’ve started a business!  ...Now what???  In order to legally operate your business, you need to register with a few different Federal, State, and sometimes Local government agencies.  Make sure you start off on the right foot with Uncle Sam, and let us help you navigate the perplexing process of properly registering your business​


Every business should have an established line of credit, ready to tap in an emergency. Navigating the loan process can be difficult and frustrating unless you have someone with experience to help guide you. That’s where we come in. We will help you gather...and create...all the documents you need to get your loan approved, and even help you find the proper bank to apply with.


You've been putting off the dreaded task of doing your bookkeeping, and now suddenly you find yourself in need of some financial statements.  Maybe you're going for that long overdue loan, or maybe it's just tax time and you have to file that tax return.  Don't worry, we are here to help.  Whether you need one year's worth of bookkeeping done, or several years, we can jump in and make sure your financial records are clean and up-to-date.  Even if your financial records are a mess, we've got you covered!


Don't stress out in January!  1099 filings are due shortly after a new calendar year begins.  The IRS has specific criteria on who is eligible for a 1099 and who is not...and some strict rules about how to document your contractor's information properly.  So let us do all the work for you.  We will put together a list of all your payees that meet the IRS criteria for a 1099, and gather the documentation (i.e. W-9) we need to create, distribute and file this important tax documentation.


Do you have another project that you need assistance with? No problem! We've performed customized projects for others, and we are happy to accommodate your needs.  Contact us and let's discuss!

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